About Me

‘I am blessed with the gift of Clairvoyance and was fortunate many years ago to be guided to a wonderful teacher who taught me how to understand and utilize that gift.

As is the nature of Spiritual Development, this gift has grown as I have and continues to inspire and enlighten me every day. The gift of Sight can and does reach every aspect of one’s soul, thus when a message is given and consciously received a healing occurs. It is your responsibility as to whether you allow your soul to grow.

I came into the World with my light most certainly switched on. I can’t remember a defining moment as others may speak of I simply lived seeing ‘friends’ of all realms around me. I did not think I was different to anyone else in my family and believed we all saw the same things but did not chatter about it. On reflection it didn’t occur to me to speak of it. I was born in Ireland and have copious amounts of Irish blood flowing through my veins, I love being by the sea but not on or in it and to be surrounded by lush green hills and gently spoken but strong minded people.

Strange how I find myself further away from my origins and yet totally at peace, this is where I am meant to be. I learned to call the things I saw ‘my wild imagination’ which was a safe way to express myself. Oftentimes hilarious, my so called imagination got me through many of life’s scrapes unharmed and indeed guided me to this present moment. It was the keen observation of a friend in later years that led to me discovering that I am Clairvoyant, that I actually had a gift that would one day be activated in order to grow spiritually and emotionally but also to assist my fellow man.

It was at this time a spiritual teacher came forward to aid my development and understanding of this gift and how best to use it. I not only learned I was clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and cognisant, I also learned that Love is the strongest force in our Universe. After many years of training I finally left the shelter and guidance of my teacher to walk upon my own path in this world, a path of beauty and light.  My two beautiful children keep me grounded and steady and are a constant reminder that love is my life purpose.

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