I have known Ann for several years now and have used her services on many occasions. I have been to many clairvoyants but find Ann a very calming influence and I love her company.
With the stresses that life brings, I find I need Ann when I’m feeling low. I know that seeing her will lift me and get me back on track. I always find the sessions very therapeutic and leave feeling calm, composed and energised.
I would highly recommend her to anyone, as I believe she has a special gift that is valuable and needs to be shared.
Dana Krauze Owner, Orgbar Aluminium Limited

At times I suffer from diverticulitis  the pain can go on for months with little respite and no sign of improvement, despite doctor’s prescriptions. On several occasions I have taken healing from Ann “as a last resort” . On each occasion improvement was immediate and I was symptom free within a week. I am convinced my body began it’s repair from the point Ann was involved.
Philip Stratford

Brilliant! I have just had a reading with Ann , using Skype , face to face on the internet connection. I was a little dubious as to how effective this would be but what a fantastic experience.
The advantages for me were that I was in my own home,( my mobility is restricted), I did not need to waste time and money travelling, the connection was wonderfully close, it really felt like we were sitting together. She had so much to say and this has left me in a really positive mind.
Peg Midlands