Writing on the wall

‘Maybe you could stay a bit longer, I could try a bit harder’

What’s wrong with the above sentence?  Maybe nothing at all, much depends on your position, which is likely to be desperation, wanting to hang on to someone who wants to leave.  Read the words again but consider the lack of balance, one person is taking responsibility for the demise of their relationship, only seeing or believing it is their own fault and that they have the power over another to fix it!

Are you currently experiencing relationship problems, not seeing the writing on the wall through a stubborn refusal to admit that all is not well in your world?  Or are you simply blinded to the truth that presents itself to you every day.  Whether it is through a song that repeats itself everywhere you go, when you wake up in the morning hearing it again in your head…listen for your own sake, life is telling you to wake up and prepare yourself for change.

If courage deserts you and you find yourself mimicking the ostrich with his head in the sand, then life will certainly shout at you through a catalyst, change will then come whether you like it or not.  Why wait and prolong the agony, deal with your challenge and move on. Simple.Copy of New Picture  ©

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