I have grown up in a world that measures success by its bank balance. For many years I like many others adhered to this edict. As I became more involved with my own spiritual development I gradually relinquished my need to conform and disregarded society’s need to mould me.

Newly divorced with two children and zero income life became a roller coaster ride, up down stomach grabbing, toe curling on the point of screaming, god awful exhilarating and extremely hairy ride. It wasn’t long before I realised that my little family and I were really tight and loving and that we would survive regardless of forces outside of my control. It was only at this time that I took stock and asked myself what does success really mean to me? It was an enlightening moment – when I fully understood that success to me meant being calm and completely at peace even when I was not earning anything at all and that I felt exactly the same when the money was rolling in. There was no difference, money is simply a means to an end; life was delivering just what I needed.

Success to me is a BEAUTIFUL family, a happy home and the inner peace to remain in the flow regardless of what life throws at me. My bank balance is healthy, it is made of good energy and through it love, friendship, compassion and money flows to me no matter what.New Picture (1)©

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