Divorce is good for you


So many individuals hold onto marriages or relationships that have long since passed their sell by date, either deliberately blinded by their own refusal to accept change or so totally out of touch with reality that they simply cannot see truth.  It is in situations like this that truth comes seemingly ‘out of the blue’ and tears a hole in that life.  It is of course necessary, for without the hole how would the light get in?

Time after time one holds on, wishing the future to be what the past once was, a place where hopes and dreams were cherished; unfortunately the same hopes and dreams were projected onto a partner who neither has the capacity or desire to be something other than they are.  Consequently change occurs and rifts appear which are hastily covered up lest one or both parties have to look closer and read the writing now firmly printed on the ubiquitous wall.   Oh how we torture ourselves in our pre-occupation with society’s code of marital/familial happiness.

Importantly, if ignorance or a refusal to deal with one’s own truth continues, life sends a catalyst to shake up that safe little world and open one’s eyes to see precisely that which you chose to ignore.  This frequently comes in the form of another woman or man either of whom act the part of marriage breaker, and do it so well.

Does this sound like you?  Read on…

When our eyes are forcibly opened in this way we have little option but to look.  It is in the looking that the first seeds of comprehension begin to germinate.  The mind and the heart remembers’ that first moment when the marriage/relationship changed and the truth floods in like a dam bursting its wall.  Life, the landscape of our hearts will change forever.

Personal responsibility is the key to a healthy change of life, accepting that one life is now finished and that a new exciting path is opened so that you may walk on it in beauty and light is the most thrilling experience, be free.  Give grateful thanks to the souls that made liberty for you a reality and cherish the love that you once shared, however brief the moment.  Your heart is expansive enough to love everyone let alone one man or one woman, be love that is all there is.

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